Design of the cover sheet

Text on the cover page

The cover page of your Bachelor thesis should contain at least the following information: the name of the university, the title of the thesis, the names supervisor / assessor; the first and last name as well as the matriculation number of the student and the deadline for submission.

It is also customary to name the department or the chair on the cover page of the bachelor thesis. In addition, it has proved useful for communicating with the examiners to provide their own telephone number on the cover page. In addition, you can specify the length of the period of the Bachelor thesis in weeks.

Layout of the cover sheet

There are no specifications for the layout of the cover sheet at many universities. A bachelor thesis, however, is a type of text where playful layout is inappropriate. Therefore please do not use cursive scripts. Suggestions for the design of the cover sheet are the following examples.

Logo of the university on the cover sheet?

Bachelor theses written at private universities are often decorated with the emblem or logo of the university. This looks pretty, provided the emblem is displayed in good quality. If you simply take a copy of the logo from your college website, you’ll find that the printout of the logo on the cover page of your bachelor thesis looks “pixelated” and blurry.

You need a version of the logo designed for print documents, a logo with a higher, finer resolution of details. The resolution (detail) of images is measured in the English unit of measure DPI (dots per inch).

The larger this figure is, the better the quality of the graphics. Unis websites use graphics with a resolution of about 72 DPI. For print documents such as your bachelor thesis cover, the triggering should be at least 200 to 300 DPI. If you are unfamiliar with image editing and do not find a cover sheet with logo officially released by your college for bachelor thesis, we advise against using a logo.

More elaborate cover sheets can be found on page two.
You are welcome to change our templates and customize them to your liking.