How to train writing skills?

Training the writing muscle

The physiological aspect of writing is dangerously forgotten by modern word processing. To put the scripture word for word is a bodily act – from the brain, to the arm, to the paper. Therefore, one now and then advises to swap the .doc again for the block! Even a traditional writing instrument gives new impetus to the idea through the ink on paper.

Take your brain for a walk!

Especially with funded bachelor theses with their fixed work schedules, it is easier to turn oneself into a clockwork, to switch sports activities to writing and meals. An exciting physical aspect comes into its own when thinking while walking.

In Nietzsche, for example, Friedrich Nietzsche scoffs at the thinkers of idealism who are crouching in their stuffy chambers: as little as possible to sit; do not believe in a thought that was not born outdoors and in free movement – in which not even the muscles celebrate a feast.

Also the Dane Sören Kierkegaard claims that he has “started up” his best thoughts. And a Greek school of philosophy gives both rights. The ancient peripatheticists strictly separated the writing of reflection that they always pursued on foot in their colonnades. In fact, stuck thoughts can break loose on a walk around the block. The circulation is stimulated. The mind “aerated”. At home, the blood is where it was previously, crooked in front of the screen was missing: back in the head.

Go peddle with your thoughts!

Other bachelor theses fail because of the brooding separation of their authors. Heinrich von Kleist’s essay “On the gradual making of thoughts while talking” offers an astonishingly simple solution. Seek for his scientific problems an unscientific witness. But the presentation of a complicated issue for the ears of a layman can clarify for yourself! Even leaving the unsuspecting friend or neighbor confused, they can move your work forward with virtually no effort.

Overcome writer blockades

If there is a severe blockage in a scientific work, the student should turn to a professional. So our academic association offers help on the phone and with the writing room a space in which students can write their bachelor thesis under guidance.